How to Understand Headphones

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Three innovative ways to use media for activism

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Activist groups and grassroots campaigners are increasingly savvy about utilising different media in order to advance their campaigns and spread awareness. If you are working in the non-profit sector, chances are you spend a good deal of your day thinking about effective communication strategies. No matter what issue your organisation deals with, reaching interested audiences and making them aware of your campaigns is the main goal.  Email newsletters, online petitions and social media networking are well tested, reliable tools to reach interested audiences but there are a numberf of media platforms that activists can use to engage audiences in a more innovative way: Read More»

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Speaker for Your Shop's Opening Day

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Getting ready for your shop’s opening day can be one of the most stressful parts of starting you own brick and mortar business. But all the work you’ve put into decorating, stocking shelves and hiring staff won’t make any difference if customers aren’t interested. One of the best ways to increase customer footfall, excitement and spending is to hire a speaker. Here’s the low-down on what speaker hire can do to make your first day a success. Read More»

Setting Up a PA System: How to Prevent Feedback

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Hearing the high pitched squeal of feedback can be highly unpleasant. Audio feedback is generated when a signal travels in a loop around an audio system. For example, if you have a microphone and speakers set up on a stage, the microphone will be feeding an audio signal into the PA system which will amplify the signal and broadcast it via the speakers. However, if the sound emitted from the speaker re-enters the microphone, it will begin to loop and will generate feedback. Read More»

What Defines a High-Quality Speaker?

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When it comes to sound quality, there are few shortcuts you can take. You need a high-quality speaker to get high-quality sound. Because most speakers look so similar, it can be confusing to determine what makes one speaker stand out from another. There are many different brands that advertise their products and aim to convince you that they have the best in stock. However, it is better for you to be able to identify what makes one speaker stand out from another so you can always be sure that you’re selecting a quality product. Read More»