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What Defines a High-Quality Speaker?

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When it comes to sound quality, there are few shortcuts you can take. You need a high-quality speaker to get high-quality sound. Because most speakers look so similar, it can be confusing to determine what makes one speaker stand out from another.

There are many different brands that advertise their products and aim to convince you that they have the best in stock. However, it is better for you to be able to identify what makes one speaker stand out from another so you can always be sure that you're selecting a quality product.

Use of a continuum cone

A critical part of speaker performance is the clarity of midrange sound. If midrange sound is muffled, the speaker is not audible from near or far, and it tends to produce distorted sounds. Sound clarity is mainly influenced by the cone at the centre of the speaker, and the material used to design these cones plays a central role in defining sound clarity.

In the past, aluminium was used as the cone material, after which Kevlar came in. To get even better results, the continuum cone is now the material of choice. It allows for the smoother travel of vibrations and sound waves across the cone so that clear and well-defined sounds are released.

The Build quality

Since speakers primarily produce sound by moving air back and forth, it is important for the materials used to design the speaker to be of high quality. This starts from the coil that transmits the electric current to the cone that vibrates in response to the incoming pulses.

In addition, a speaker needs to be housed in an enclosure that produces no sound. The enclosure should be perfectly insulated to minimise unwanted distortion from the material. As a result, the enclosure needs to be made of durable and sturdy plastic, wood, or other similar items.

The dynamic range

Another feature of high quality speakers is their ability to get loud without becoming distorted. This is defined by the speaker's dynamic range. The components of the system should be able to handle both high and low frequencies in order to comfortably handle high volume levels.

Using diamond

High-quality speakers also need to produce well-defined treble sounds. To get an overall clear and crisp treble, high-quality speakers often use a light and rigid material that can transmit high-end sounds effectively.

While diamond was a popular material used in speaker construction in the past, its expense and scarcity led to the use of a modified and highly thin diamond coating to resemble the use of traditional diamond for treble speakers. This has resulted in improved overall sound for these high-end speaker products.

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